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Welcome to my Coordinate Blog.

This is mainly for Lolita fashion coords, but I may post other outfits/coords as well. My personal tumblr is Xiaorawr.

Feel free to send me an ask! <3 Bonne journée!
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I only have my wrist cuffs on in my selfie pics because I took them off before going out last night. It was super cold… so I had to wear my winter jacket. I didn’t want to damage the wrist cuffs that aznsnowbell gave me!

Trying to be Alice

Blouse and JSK: Bodyline

Headbow: Handmade

Hair clip: Chocomint

Wrist Cuffs: Classical Puppets

Socks: Offbrand

Shoes: Bodyline

I decided to wear this coordinate again, but with my Fanplusfriend blouse instead of my IW blouse. I also did something different with my makeup… Instead of dramatic eye makeup, I decided to go for an ulzzang-dolly look.

Maybe Something Magical, Take 2

Hat: Vintage

Jewelry: Offbrand, Vintage

Blouse: Fanplusfriend

Skirt: SurfaceSpell

Tights: Offbrand 

Shoes: Offbrand 

March 5 14 // 5 notes

I know it’s belated… but here is what I wore on Valentine’s Day! I didn’t have much time to plan since I changed into this after I got out of classes (and there was also a lot of snow on the ground, so I was stuck wearing my winter boots :c). 

Pink and Mint Valentine

Headbow: Bodyline

Mini bows: Offbrand

Cutsew: BTSSB

JSK: Bodyline

Tights and Boots: Offbrand

Just a casual coordinate I wore to eat dim sum. (I ate so much that the shirred skirt was not enough… The skirt still left marks in my belly. xD)

Shirred Skirt for Dim Sum

Headbow: Bodyline

Cutsew: BTSSB

Skirt: Bodyline

Tights: Offbrand

Shoes: Offbrand

I decided to try something new with waist ties!

A Coordinate for Tea and Swapping

Hat and hair accessories: Offbrand

Blouse: Innocent World

Jewelry: Vintage, Offbrand

Skirt and Waist Ties: AATP

Socks: Angelic Pretty

Shoes: Offbrand

The top 2 photos are by Kristine, and the bottom one is by Ashley. I wore this outfit for a Prince / Princess / Pauper photoshoot.

Kodona: First Attempt

I am not going to list a coord rundown because everything is offbrand and thrifted. Most are things I found in my closet. The white shirt was borrowed from a friend, I cut a red ribbon to tie around my neck, and the goggles were a present from my mom a few years ago. I tried to make a Kodona coordinate with a steampunk twist! 


Name: Li-Li
Blog: Alice in Lolitaland
Blog URL: http://aliceinlolitaland.wordpress.com
Tumblr: http://lapetitepomme.tumblr.com
Bio: I created the Alice in Lolitaland blog in January 2013 to record my progress and blog about my favorite fashion style: Elegant Gothic Lolita! I am in love with the Lolita aesthetic and I would love to be a lifestyle Lolita. I wear a mix of Casual Lolita, Sweet Lolita, and Classic Lolita.
What do you like best about the LBC?: I love the weekly prompts and the low commitment! If I am really busy, I am not obligated to blog every week, but if I have time, the LBC is there with a great prompt! I love checking out all the different blogs that participate in the LBC too.

Check out my WordPress blog! ^-^

Casual Lolita: Magical Cosmetics

Headbow and Skirt: Bodyline

Cutsew and Cardigan: Offbrand

Tights: Offbrand

Jewelry: Offbrand

Boots: Offbrand